My Dad, James H. “Hank” Cowan, who often referred to himself as a good ole’ boy from Arkansas, his birth place and a state he dearly loved, was one of the 511 POW’s rescued by Lt. Col. Henry Mucci’s 6th Rangers, the biggest and best military rescue mission EVER. Combat photographers went along to film the rescue of the Ghosts of Bataan. Inside you will read of Hank’s survival of the of the Bataan Death March, The Japanese Holocaust, and three years of unmitigated hell on earth as a Japanese POW. I thank God every day for those men who risked their lives to save my Dad and all the other brave survivors of that hell hole known as Cabanatuan; consigned there by the politicians in Washington, D.C. and abandoned because of political reasons. Please read his complete story on this website.


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Battle of Bataan

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